Thursday, April 16, 2009

Night Terror

When your lying in bed looking at the ceiling, it's a hot night, you feel the air stick to you like glue, can't sleep, tossing and turning, you stop. Then all you can think about is your life so far, the last conversation you had with someone familar you saw in the street, the last thing you ate, what will tomorrow bring, what you will wear on Thursday night, how to tell someone you love them. It's these endless nights i dread. Thinking about all my decisions, actions and thoughts through my life, i never surface with much good, the bad decisions, bad actions and bad thoughs always linger on the surface, and i can't escape. Its then that you force yourself to into sleeps desire, knowing you'll have no success. You must search for the side of yourself, you know and love, the positive, trusting side you hope yourself to be, and it is then and only then will sleeps bell ring, summoning your eyes shut. summonging anything shut.

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