Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stay Behind the Yellow Line

So lately i've been fed up. People seem to haunt me, and i allow it to graze by, untouched. I guess as well as playing the victim, in allowing it to pass by, i also become part of the problem, leaving things unsaid. I have a few friends, who play a game. This 'game', as i like to call it, can really fuck with the system. They pretend. Pretend to agree, understand, acknowledge, recommend and so much as care what you have to say, and then turn around and use it against you with another friend. Hello player two. It becomes a recurring cycle of finders keepers, losers weepers. Even strategy comes into play, not allowing two people to sit next to each other, cutting of conversation, scheme planning and dividing the group to an extent where you feel like you are the outsider up against your closet and dearest friends. I know it's seems rather an extreme observation, but the pressure to 'stay behind the yellow line' is overbearing at the moment. 

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