Friday, July 31, 2009

Sports Carnival

The 2009 Athletics Carnival turned out to be amazing! Although La Valla came last...again we had a great spirit and the team were proud losers. I ended up winning the 100m sprint and came second in the 200m sprint, you could say i did my marsha proud! Excluding the failure to chuck a shotput..jump further than a foot in long jump...highjump..novelty,,,eeep.  Hey guys come on participation is the new age champion, don't you dare question my logic! Annnnnnywho, to top off the 6-packer of a day, we had a 250 student dance off, we got funky, and we got plumpy, and we got down right dirty motherlickers! 

1 comment:

    haha. i'm not surprised...although our sporting skills were pretty fantastic. congrats on 1st in the sprinting! you could do with those skills in your travels, running away from european rapists and petty criminals here in Munich Ghetto. oh yes. speaking of la valla, i dont think i touched the water during swim carnival ^^ oops.
    wish i could have been there :P