Friday, July 17, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

Today was a long, grueling challenge. Woke at 5, got to the Nambour hospital at 6:30am, waited nervously for a further 3.5 hours until i was finally operated on. My first time under genral anesthisea, i believe i did okay! Made a funny lispy conversation the the girl in the bed beside me, co-incidentally also form Noosa, Natalie - someone, loverly girl. We both sat there giggling about our inability to shove custard in our mouths, and instead all over our sexy surgery outfits ahah! I am not in too much pain yet, the wounds are still raw and numb from where Eddie removed my wisdom teeth, i can't say i will miss them too much, but there passing on to another place is quite saddening, that i'm getting older and much more independent. Hello world without wisdom teeth! horah!

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